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Logic Training Board (Counters & Shift Registers) 

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Altec Labs Manufacturers for Logic Training Board (Counters & Shift Registers) from India  
Logic Training Board (Counters & Shift Registers)  Name
(Code - ALABS-A31-003 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Logic Training Board (Counters & Shift Registers) : Logic Training Board (Counters & Shift Registers)
The board consists of the following built-in parts:-
1. + 5V D.C. at 1Amp, IC Regulated Power Supply Internally connected.
2. Five, J-K master slave flip-flops with preset and clear arrangement.
3. Six, 2-input NAND gates.
4. Four, 4-input NAND gates.
5. Three, 4-input NAND-OR gates.
6. Two inverters (NOT gates).
7. A 4-bit binary counter to demonstrate the basic principles of frequency measurement.
8. A square wave oscillator of frequency 10 Hz, 1 Khz and 10 KHz with coarse and fine variations,   demon strata the basic principle of frequency division.
9. Completely programmable panel to make any type Of counter or shift register.
10. Two pulser switches for clear and clock arrangement.
11. One Mono Pulser to give a 1 sec pulse.
12. Three Band switches for various interconnections required in the circuit to provide greater convenience and avoiding wrong connections.
13. Two, 7-segment displays to monitor the output in decimal code.
14. LEDs for visual indication of output status of each flipflop.
15. Adequate no. of other Electronic Components.
16. Mains ON/OFF switch, Fuse and Jewel light. 


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