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Hookes Law Apparatus 

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Hookes Law Apparatus  Name
(Code - ALABS-A169-019 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Hookes Law Apparatus : Hookes Law Apparatus 

Hooke’s law describes the elastic behaviour of components where deformation is proportional to the load acting upon them. This behaviour is typical for metals under light loads. The demonstrates the application of Hooke’s law and shows the deformation of tension springs under load. For this purpose, a spring is suspended from a stand and loaded down by a weight. The elongation is read-off directly from a scale. As a linear relationship is shown between the active force and the elongation of the spring, Hooke’s law can be applied.


1. Experiments relating to Hooke’s law and oscillation experiments on a spring-mass system
2. Metal stand with integral scale
3. 2 helical spring as tension springs
4. Tension springs configured in series or singly
5. Load applied to tension spring by a set of weights
6. Box to house the components

Technical Data:
Helical spring short

 coils: 53
- d=18,3mm
- wire diameter: d=1,0mm

Helical spring long

- coils: 109
- d=18,3mm
- wire diameter: d=1,0mm
Scale, graduations: 1mm

Set of weights

- 10x 0,5N
- 1x 1N (hanger)



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