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Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment 

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Altec Labs Manufacturers for Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment from India  
Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment  Name
(Code - ALABS-A143-014 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment : Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment 
  • A bench top service unit designed to interface to a range of heat transfer accessories.
  • Provides a variable, stabilised 0-24V DC supply to the heater of the heat transfer accessory, with a current capability of 9A.
  • Provides a drive signal for a proportioning solenoid valve used for flow control.
  • Provides a control signal to a variable speed blower used for generating airflow.
  • 10 temperature inputs and conditioning circuits for K-type thermocouples:

- 9 off, 0-133°C, resolution <0.1°C
- 1 off, 0-500°C, resolution <0.15°C

  • Instrumentation inputs for heater voltage, heater current, air flow, water flow, radiation and light meter.
  • Integral USB interface, and educational software for all accessories.
  • Outputs can be controlled manually from the front panel, or controlled by the software from a user supplied PC.
  • Watchdog circuit for operator and equipment safety in case of computer or interface failure when being controlled remotely.
  • Easy interfacing to 3rd party software e.g. LabView, MatLab.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual describing how to carry out the laboratory teaching exercises in non-steady state heat transfer and their analysis as well as assembly, installation and commissioning is included.
  • Small-scale, benchtop equipment
  • Common service unit avoids unnecessary cost duplication for control and instrumentation
  • Multiple accessories available covering a wide range of heat transfer investigations
  • Computer control of heaters, water flow, air flow, with safety functions implemented to allow for remote operation
  • Improved accuracy for quantitative results which can be related directly to theory
  • Integral USB interface


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