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Heat Exchanger Service Module 

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Heat Exchanger Service Module  Name
(Code - ALABS-A143-013 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Heat Exchanger Service Module : Heat Exchanger Service Module
  • Benchtop service unit, designed to accommodate a range of different small-scale heat exchangers.
  • Comprises hot water vessel, hot water recirculation pump, cold water control system, computer interface and all necessary instrumentation.
  • The hot water vessel is made from clear acrylic (for visibility) and includes a 2kW heater with thermostatic over-temperature cut-out and low water level detection.
  • The hot water pump is bi-directional (to allow co-current and counter- current investigations without re-configuring the hardware) and the flow rate is under computer control.
  • The cold water system includes a manually adjustable pressure regulator and a flow control valve which is under computer control.
  • Flow rates for both fluid streams in excess of 5L/min are achievable,
  • Up to 10 temperatures (K-type thermocouples) can be monitored using the service unit. Operating range, 0-75°C, resolution 0.1°C.
  • Two flow meters are included, operating range 0.2 to 9 l/min resolution 0.1l/min
  • All data is available to a (user supplied) Windows PC, via a USB interface. This computer is also used to control the flow rates, hot water temperature, and hot water direction.
  • Full software for educational use is included.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is included.
Key Features:
  • Small-scale, benchtop equipment
  • Fast response times allow in depth investigations in a short time
  • Representative of industrial heat exchangers
  • Multiple, industrially representative heat exchangers available
  • All functions computer controlled, including reversing of one of the fluid streams for co-current and counter-current investigations Standard USB interface
  • Safety functions implemented to allow for remote operation by computer
  • Full educational software with data logging, control, graph plotting, and detailed ‘Help’
  • Suitable for project work. The service bench provides facilities for evaluating in-house heat exchanger designs
The equipment is a service unit, to allow the operation of one of the  range of small scale heat exchanger systems. It provides controlled cold water flow, bi-directional hot water flow and the instrumentation required to do a series of in-depth investigations into heat exchanger performance. The individual heat exchangers can be quickly changed over, to allow comparisons between different types of heat exchanger to be made 


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