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Friction on Inclined Plane 

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Friction on Inclined Plane  Name
(Code - ALABS-A169-036 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Friction on Inclined Plane : Friction on Inclined Plane 

Friction experiments on the inclined plane help students to understand the fundamentals of mechanical friction. The main elements of are a sliding surface (the inclined plane), with an adjustable angle of inclination, and two samples. A sample is moved from the stationary state to the sliding state in two ways. In the first experiment, the plane is carefully tilted until the sample begins to slide downwards and the downward force is greater than the static friction force. In the second experiment, a weight acts as a tensile force upon the sample. The weight is gradually increased until the sample begins to slide upwards in a uniform motion. The angle of inclination of the plane is not altered in this experiment.


1. Experiment relating to friction on the inclined plane
2. Inclined plane with plastic coating, drag link with angle scale and ball bearing-mounted deflection roller
3. Angle of plane adjustable
4. 2 samples: 1x steel / polypropylene, 1x aluminium / brass
5. Graduated weight set
6. Box to house the components

Technical Data:
Friction body

- LxWxH: each 80x60x44mm
- dead-weight force: each 10N

Inclined plane 

- length: 1000mm
- adjustable angle range: -45°…+45°

Weight set

- 1x 1N (hanger), 4x 0,1N, 1x 0,5N, 4x 1N, 1x 5N



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