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Botany Charts Policharts 

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Altec Labs Manufacturers for Botany Charts Policharts from India  
Botany Charts Policharts  Name
(Code - ALABS-A10-007 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Botany Charts Policharts : Botany Charts Policharts

Multicoloured, accurate in details, printed on plastic, laminated on both sides, with plastic rollers, size 75×100 cm. These charts are available in English or in English & Arabic combined.

  • T.S. in Dicot & Monocot stem
  • Pinus-1 Male & Female Strobli
  • L.S. Shoot Apex & its different regions
  • T.S. Shoot Apex & its different regions
  • Plant Tissue Cork
  • L.S. in Flower with T.S. in Anther
  • Plant tissue Xylem T.S. in simple Pit
  • Pinus II through female Strobilus L.S.through ovules
  • Plant tissue Collenchyma
  • Marchantia Life Cycle
  • Plant Tissue Parenchyma
  • L.S. in Root Tip & T.S. in its different regions
  • Marchantia
  • T.S. of Root (Secondary Growth)
  • Adiantum Life Cycle
  • Stages of formation of Female Gametophytewith the process of Pollination, Fertilisation &Formation of seed
  • Plant Tissue Phloem
  • Plant Tissue Sclerenchyma
  • T.S. in Stem to show growth with a drawing ofLenticel
  • Adiantum
  • T.S. Dicot & Monocot Root
  • Typical plant cell, English only
  • Plant Mitosis English only
  • Plant Meiosis, English only
  • Classification of Plants, English only


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