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Ackermann Steering Demonstrator 

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Ackermann Steering Demonstrator  Name
(Code - ALABS-A179-092 ) | Altec Export Lab Specification:
Ackermann Steering Demonstrator : Ackermann Steering Demonstrator

The objective of this kinematic model is to explain the special features of the Ackermann steering mechanism. The lead angle of a steering trapezoid is determined as are the disadvantages of incorrectly adjusted track rods. The units consists of two levers, an intermediate steering rod, two track rods and two track rod arms. The indicators attached to these rotate with the arms and indicate the steering angle on scales. It is possible to adjust the pointers independent of the levers. By turning an adjustment nut it is possible to change the length of the track rods. The complete arrangement is mounted on a base plate. The unit can supplied either for wall mounting or as a benchtop model.


1. Benchtop or wall mounted experiment on the Ackermann steering mechanism
2. King pin spacing 465mm
3. Steering lock angle ±50°, scale graduations 1°
4. Split track rod, length can be individual adjusted
5. Steering rod made of aluminium
6. lxwxh 630x280x50mm

Technical Data:

- King pin spacing: 465mm
- Steering lock angle: ±50°, graduations: 1°



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